It seems like almost everyone has an iPhone. Although there is nothing more popular in the world of technology today, getting the most from the iPhone is not always easy. If you have not mastered your iPhone, keep reading. The following article will give you some great tips to help you navigate your iPhone like a pro.

If you get a larger keyboard, browsing the web with your iPhone will be a little easier. However, you do not have to purchase a larger keyboard. Put the iPhone to the side and in Safari, tap on the address bar. This will give you access to a larger keyboard to help make your typing a breeze.

Minimizing your iPhone’s brightness setting will help extend battery life. This can be done in your phone’s settings, and you just lower the level of the brightness. Your iPhone will draw less power with a darker screen, and you’ll find that a single charge lasts longer this way.

It is unnecessary to type “.com” in the address box ,when you are surfing the web on your iPhone. You simply need to put in the main part of the address and the browser will take you to the correct site. This may seem like a small benefit, but it actually goes a long way in saving you time.

You may spend a great deal of time reading email or browning Safari on your iPhone, but you may not know how simple it is to hang onto an image from these locations. Just touch and hold the image you want to save. In a matter of moments, a small box pops up and allows you to select and save the image.

Increasing the speed of your messaging is another trick to the iPhone. If the suggestion provided for a word by your iPhone isn’t what you want to use, you can get rid of it by tapping any part of the phone’s screen. This is much easier than removing the word by tapping on the small “x” that follows it.

Did you know that your iPhone can take a screenshot, anytime you like? Press the home and sleep button together for taking a screenshot. When the screen is white, release the buttons as the shot was saved.

It’s important that you always have the most recently updated version of the OS. The reason you want to keep it updated is that Apple is constantly releasing patches and fixes for bugs within the phone. Updating is crucial especially if personal information is used or accessed if you go online with your phone.

Headphone Cord

You can take photos using your iPhone without having to keep your phone steady. The volume control buttons on the headphone cord are what helps. Keep your hand steady as you focus on the image you want to take a picture of. You simply press one of the volume buttons on your headphone cord to snap a photo.

You don’t have to type .com when using Safari on your iPhone. Simply enter Amazon in the URL space to navigate directly to their website.

Don’t let your iPhone waste your time with word suggestions. If you are typing up an email or note, and are tired of the phone giving you suggestions, just tap anywhere on your screen to kill the suggestion box. This eliminates the need to tap the “x” to move from word to word.

Take a photo with only one hand using your iPhone. Hold your iPhone with a steady hand and press the volume button to take the picture. The picture quality is as good as taking them in the normal fashion.

You can set your iPhone to make typing faster and easier. Go to Settings and select Keyboard. From there, add a shortcut. You can set a short code for longer, often-used phrases. Once you have the shortcut set up, it’ll only take you a few quick taps to produce the word you want.

Drafts Folder

Press cancel to save messages to work on later. You will see a dialog box asking you if you want to save your draft for later. Your message will be dropped into the Drafts folder if you hit “Save.” If you don’t have a Drafts folder, it will create one following this selection.

There are a lot of great features that are on your iPhone straight out of the box, like a full dictionary. This can be used as a point of reference in pretty much any app you use. Just tap onto any word and hold it. Once you do this, tap “Define” on the options that pop up.

FaceTime is a wonderful way to communicate on the iPhone. FaceTime is a video call option that you can use over wi-fi. To get started, visit the contacts section of your phone and find the FaceTime option. Click the FaceTime button and this will start your session.

If you have a frozen iPhone screen, try pressing down the home button for at least 5 seconds. Doing so will reboot your iPhone. If this still doesn’t work, press the home and power button simultaneously for 12 seconds. Only utilize the second method if the first method does not reboot your phone.

Would you like your contacts backed up in case you lose or damage your iPhone? There is a great application called iDrive Lite that will let you share and save your contacts easily. It will not cost anything if you have your phone updated to at least 2.0 prior to beginning the process.

After reading the information in this article, you now know more about the iPhone than ever before. Start today by putting all of it to good use. Use everything you now know, and you will quickly gain mastery of this tremendously useful device.